2 Friends + Little Gems = Our New Blog

by Emily on March 21, 2011

I find myself to be a creative individual.  Sometimes it’s a person, party or just something special for myself that will spur those creative juices to do something.  However, as creative as I might feel, I find an equally satisfying sense of content in seeking the advice of others.  My primary “other” or person that I like to bounce ideas off of is Andrea.  I find that once we both start working together, we can really get some great ideas going.

Now, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that she is a genius on her own and doesn’t need my help.  But that’s what friendship is about when you share common interests like we do.  We enjoy seeking each others opinions on things ranging from a party cocktail to fabric puppet theater.  We’ve created many things together and separately and that’s something that we find a lot of happiness in doing.  For me, I strive for perfection in some items…others I can accept that I’ll have some loose strings but one thing is for sure, I can’t wait to show or talk about it with Andrea.  Do you have a friend like this?  One you send internet links with a subject line that reads LOVE THIS!? A friendly whiteboard that you can draft all your ideas, dreams and goals with – that is as long as you have the appropriately FUN markers to write with!?

We are two great friends from Seattle that share a LOT in common.  We have found inspiration in each other, in our friends, in the blogs we read, in magazines, in stores, the list could go on, but isn’t it all the more fun to share with someone!  We had come up with the idea to blog  over and over again to the point our husbands just said DO IT!  So, here we are two friends sharing with you our thoughts on many different things from the bits & bobs we love, our most favorite topic –  the color green (and not just ANY green), travel, kids, diy, pretty paper, transformations in our homes and lots more.

So, from 2 great friends in Seattle with ideas to share…..TAA DAAAAAHHHH!

To new beginnings…Happy Spring 3-21!





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