Green Gem: Anastasia Spider Mum

by Andrea on March 30, 2011

Green – my favorite color since the third grade.  Ms. Storino, my third grade teacher, loved the color green, and I loved Ms. Storino.  I remember using my early craft and sewing skills to make her a zippered pouch.  The top square had a zipper sewn right down the middle of it.  (Is it just me or does that seem a tad advanced for third grade?  The thought of sewing zippers now makes my heart race a little, and I try to avoid them in my sewing.)  I sewed the zippered top to the bottom square.  When she unzipped the zipper, it revealed ‘I love you’ written in Mr. Sketch dark green marker.  Nice.

My favorite shade of green has evolved over time.  I was solidly in the forest green camp during the 90s.  Then it lightened to a  mintier version of green.  For the past ten years though, it has solidly remained in brighter hues that are often called chartreuse, lime, or kiwi.

And hello, this lovely little beauty is the perfect green!  The Anastasia Spider Mum looks great on her own or as part of a larger bold flower arrangement.  I picked up a single Anastasia for my bathroom over the weekend  I’m a big fan of simple flower arrangements in the bathroom.  Ah, it makes me smile every time.

The Anastasia Spider Mums hail from Colombia or Ecuador and have a vase life of 2-3 weeks.




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