Outdoor Fun: Snow Day!

by Emily on March 24, 2011

A few weeks ago, the weather man advised a Winter Weather Storm in effect but sadly very little snow hit us.  I know that not everyone likes the snow but I was on Mid-Winter Break from school and snuggled in at home with Pip. It didn’t really matter to me if we were hit with 8″ like they expected.  We also thought it would be nice to have Sid home with us to sled and play in the snow covered yard.    We got one little blast of winter weather prior to Thanksgiving so Pip got to waddle around but now that she’s more comfortable in her stride she really wanted to be outside.

We were hoping for some real sledding but this will have to do for now…or at least until the next big storm hits the Northwest!  This is a silly amount of snow for playing but at least we got to try out the sled that Grandma gave Pip in her stocking (yes, I said stocking! It didn’t really fit if you can imagine!)

** Sorry…snowy bum was an irresistible shot!



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