Bits & Bobs We ♥: First Thousand Portuguese Words

by Andrea on April 25, 2011

We are raising the little Mo man to speak both Portuguese and English.  I’m not really sure how to go about doing this and am open to suggestions on how to raise a bilingual child.  My three main tactics are to try and only speak Portuguese to him, have him hang out with Avózinha as much as possible (his Portuguese Grandma), and build an extensive kid lit library thanks to my relatives in Portugal.

When I was still pregnant, Emily gave me a super neat book for Mother’s Day, First Thousand Words in Portuguese.  It’s a large size book and each page spread features a two-page illustration.

I was amazed at how complete this book is.  Same sample page themes are The Street, The Farm, The Supermarket, and Opposites.  Then in a Where’s Waldo or I Spy fashion, you can sit with your child and find the hose/mangueira in the main garden photo. Framing each main illustration are small pictures of things from the main illustration along with their name in Portuguese.

The Portuguese one (which happens to be Portugal Portuguese – yay! – not Brazilian Portuguese) is just one in a series.  They also have Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Polish, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese!  AND if that wasn’t enough, they are really affordable and ‘made with paper from a sustainable source.’

Little Mo still enjoys reading by eating the pages, but I look forward to spending lots of time with him reading this book.





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