Bits & Bobs We ♥: Fizzy Water Maker

by Andrea on April 11, 2011

While I was pregnant, I consumed vast (and I mean obscenely huge) amounts of strawberries and fizzy water.  Strawberries came in all forms: fresh, frozen, milkshakes, and, on special occasions – the most beautiful strawberry cake ever! Em made it for me more than once.  I think the recipe was originally from Southern Living.  But I digress…

The other obsession was fizzy water.  I was buying 6 – 8 liter bottles a week at Trader Joe’s.  Being the Seattle resident that I am, I felt really guilty about all of the plastic liter bottles I was consuming and recycling.  But what was a girl to do?  There are so many things that you can’t have, or at least shouldn’t have, while pregnant, that fizzy water made me feel like I was drinking something special.  Plus, you’re supposed to stay hydrated, and this was my ticket.

During all of this, I lusted after Em’s Penguin.

The girl had fizzy water on-demand.  Jealous.  Me.  While pregnant, we were also saving our pennies and couldn’t justify the purchase – don’t get me started, all I had to do was add up the pennies I was spending weekly on the bottles of TJ water.  Anyway, Mo was born, common sense won out, the math was done, and my hubby gave me my very own Genesis for Christmas. Yahoo!

The pure beauty and genius behind these fizzy water makers is the instant gratification.  I don’t think there is anything that I get more instant gratification from.  You take tap water and 10 seconds later you have fizzy water.  It seems mildly miraculous to me, each and every time I make a bottle.  Plus you can add flavors.  I’m a huge fan of the orange and lemon-lime flavors. It really does make me feel like I’m drinking the TJ orange or lime flavored water, minus the bottles.

I’ve had it for two months and ♥ it all the way.  Em’s had hers probably going on two years now and ♥s her little penguin man.





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