Bits & Bobs We ♥: Shorty Paint Brushes

by Emily on April 18, 2011

We have a lot of projects around our house right now…..I’d like to emphasis a LOT! Sometimes I feel like we’re living in shambles but I think we can clean up nice.  We purchased our home last June and have been going ever since on things that needed spruced up (more on this later).  Regardless, paint has been our very dear friend over the last year!  And what goes hand in hand with paint….all the supplies that you need to get.  There were a few hit and miss products in my opinion, and one in particular I’m willing to give another try (Frog Tape) considering all the rave reviews I hear about it, but my all time favorite paint BRUSH is this style!

Shorty Paint Brushes!!!

I’ve been through a few brands (Lowe’s, Ace Hardware & Wooster) and the work that I’ve done hasn’t really mattered for quality of bristles/brand but the Shorty Paint Brushes are AWESOME!  They are so comfortable in your hands and it makes the job a lot easier.  I tend to be someone that can easily complain that my hand is cramping with the old school style but with this, you just tuck right into the nook of your thumb and forefinger and you’re ready to go!  Ergonomically correct and you can really navigate the brush with the short style.  I find I can paint for a lot longer than traditional brushes without needing a hand-stretch break!  Silly, I know but if you’ve done a lot of painting, you know what I’m talking about!

I’ve got a LOT more painting to do around my house so I’ll be happy to invest in more of these!  Right now I’m working on painting a crummy old bookcase in my basement and will reveal the finished product soon!



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