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by Emily on April 4, 2011

If you live on the West Coast, you may be familiar with my next ♥!  I adore Sunset Magazine!  I have had many magazine subscriptions in my life, but this is one that I covet the moment I fetch it from our mailbox.  Sunset is a magazine that I can read cover-to-cover and when I’m done, I want to go back and re-read certain articles that I might be able to incorporate into my life.

Sunset Magazine published its first magazine in May of 1898 with a regional focus in mind – making the idea of “coming West” affordable and comfortable.  The history behind the magazine is quite special to read.  As so many historic changes happened over the last 100+ years, it is amazing to this that it never skipped a beat or missed an issue publication.

So, what’s all the fuss about?  Simply put, this is how Sunset defines themselves:

Published monthly, Sunset shares the best of life in the West―from travel and food to home and garden―with our nearly five million readers. We are passionate about showcasing the region’s unique lifestyle and noteworthy destinations, inspiring people to achieve the dream of living in the West.

Why do I love it?  I feel that Sunset can really capture what West Coast living is all about.  There is a little for everyone: food & wine, travel ideas/inspiration (from a day trip to a really luxurious escape), gardening/landscaping love, outdoor entertaining, architecture & design, weekend projects, and a lot more! I feel the ideas within the magazine are within reach, you don’t have to save for a Travel + Leisure extreme vacation, but probably will even be offered an eco friendly option for nearly everything!


Sunset Covers via  Sunset Magazine : A Century of Western Living 1898-1998

Sunset Images via



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