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by Emily on April 1, 2011

I have spent a lot of time discovering amazing little gems in the blog world this week.  I’ve had a bit of an organizing addiction the last few weeks but haven’t gotten my act together about which I’ll start with…the Household Binder or the Junk Drawer projects.  To keep up my procrastination on organizing and in all seriousness, the blog that I found most inspirational was the Misadventures with Andi.  I just stumbled upon Andi’s blog for the first time last week and have been back everyday.  She has a wonderful mix of things I love:  France, food & drink and travel.  What I also appreciate is her willingness to share advice on blogging.   I love her humor, frankness and honest opinion about the serious stuff.  As a new blogger, I find her post on (How to Avoid) Misadventures in Blogging to be wonderful information for a newbie!

We may have gotten a few giggles from our husbands about how many “blog prep” meetings we’ve had, the endless phone calls and yes all the emails/chats/texts too.  But, we wanted to make sure that we are setting up our blog on the best foot.  We want the font perfect, the images the correct size and a schedule.  Now that we’ve got that under control, this information about the basis for our blog, why we’re doing it,  the “legal stuff” and where to go for help is very useful.

We’re signed up for our first ever Blog Conference with SITS Bloggy Boot Camp and I was thrilled to read Andi’s perspective on this conference as well.  Thanks Andi for helping the newbies!  And PS-Doesn’t she have cute social media icons! LOVE the little suitcases!

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Happy Weekend!


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