Garden Planter Revamp

by Emily on April 21, 2011

My grandmother had this lovely little garden planter that she usually kept filled with geraniums in terra cotta pots.  Over the years it has been given less attention and I asked to rescue it from the shed at my parents for a little revamp.  You can see that it was a pretty piece with the scrolling edge lines but rust had taken over.  I had a bit of work to do before I hit it with spray paint!

A close up shot.  You can see that it can hold a pretty significantly sized pot on the top and I haven’t figured out if I should stick smaller, compact pots along the bottom or keep it simple with just a top planter.


Now for the tools….borrowed my BIL’s drill with the wire wheel and some great matte black spray paint.  I am not a pro with spray paint yet so brand didn’t matter for me.  I just wanted the shade/tone right.

After a little work, rough rust patches were gone and I got to painting.  I think it turned out quite nice!

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