Green Gems: Color Navigation

by Emily on April 6, 2011

I have to say that I love, love, love (sing to the tune of the Beatles) Etsy’s color navigation tool!  Not only can you select different hues of your color, but then you can “throw” them around to dig deeper into the product selection that appears.  It gets better… doesn’t the CLEAN UP button just make your heart flutter?  Ekkss! I just love the fact that I can shop an amazing site like Etsy searching for the perfect green and you’ll get everything from note cards and beautiful handmade dresses to vases and jewelry.

I admit that I probably spend/waste too much time now playing with the color nav tool on others sites.  I love that it’s becoming a staple search tool for online shopping.  I wish I could have an auto tool like this when I do my normal brick/mortar shopping.  Wouldn’t Target & TJ Maxx be fun to shop in color mode?  Just imagine stepping down aisles in lovely green.

image via Etsy


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