Knitting for Baby O!

by Emily on April 7, 2011

A couple of weeks ago it was Gender Day around our house!  No, not for me, but close friends of ours!  The O Family already have a handsome, loving and very caring 3 year old boy and news yesterday revealed Baby 2.0 is a GIRL!  R will be a great older brother and patient Mommy-to-be is over the moon with news of a GIRL.  She and Andrea always spoiled Pip with the cutest girl things!  I’ve been excited to begin knitting for Baby O, so the gender news was thrilling.

I started knitting just after college and attended my first class along with Andrea.  I’m not an expert but I do enjoy clean, classic looking patterns.  One of the best resources for baby patterns is Debbie Bliss. She has a number of books available and many stores in our area carry her yarns.  Her yarn feels like you’re knitting through the softest thing ever!  Perfect for babes!

First step in sifting through these books was to narrow down the patterns.  I had one boy pattern & one girl pattern picked out and happy to admit that I’m getting to work on the girl pattern!  Since Momma O has been shopping for boy clothes for the last few years, I hope that she enjoys this pattern because it’s girl-y and so sweet.  I also had a selection of Debbie Bliss yarn at home-thanks to a donation from my MIL.  So much fun to sift through the Baby Cashmerino in green, blue, yellow, ecru, pink or cream.

Due to limitations on how much yarn I have and the age appropriate size that I’d like to knit,  I’ve settled on the soft/pale yellow.   My only other thought is this, dresses for baby girls look so cute when they’re standing.  So is age 9-12 months too premature for a dress that I want to see modeled around on a little waddling girl?  I guess I could go for a 2-tone color pattern- white or pink as the top half?  I guess this is a decision that I’ll need to make soon.  I’ll update when the final stitch is thrown!




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