Modern Easter

by Emily on April 26, 2011

Since our families were either traveling or busy for an Easter Celebration, Andrea and I took it upon ourselves to make sure that the tradition of the Easter meal still took place.  We had a comical conversation about what a “traditional” meal would look like for our families, which was pretty different, then decided we’d do our own version…Modern Easter.  Ham is a big tradition in my family…so we included bacon.  Potatoes are also an important side dish…so we did grilled sweet potatoes.  Desserts are a very important part of Andrea’s Portuguese tradition…so we made two!  Throw in a vegetable, some fun egg dying and egg hunt and we were two very happy families!  Happy Easter!

First step, egg decoration.  We decided we’d wait until the kids get older to get fancy with a special Martha app or something.  For now, it was a box of crayons and an egg dye kit.  Since Pip’s attention span on coloring the eggs lasted all of 30 seconds until she just wanted to put the eggs in and out of crate, I’m glad I didn’t spend anymore.  Mo was deciding if he should be right or left handed in his coloring attempt.

Our main dish was a recipe I found at Trader Joe’s:  bacon, apple brie panini (BABP) with mustard selection.  The grilled sweet potatoes were also very good!

Another side dish was an experiment on my behalf…artichokes!  I have always loved them when my mom made them but never actually replicated it myself.  Thanks to the May issue of Real Simple, I had some motivation to try it out myself and make some yummy dips:  Parmesan Aioli, Lemon Tahini & Dijon Vinaigrette.  Dessert included an AMAZING (yes, I’m screaming this) Portuguese cake called pão de ló de Ovar (sorry the photo cut out this cake…so sad about this! Almost wished we still had another piece that I could go photograph and then remembered it wouldn’t last 10 seconds in this house!) and a very run of the mill angel food cake that I had to decorate to make it prettier by topping with whipped cream and strawberries.  We also had a selection of candy coated almonds-also very Portuguese.  I asked Andrea how many desserts her family was probably eating at their Easter meal in Portugal and she thought probably somewhere between 12-15! Truly amazing…..but then again she had never dyed eggs before today so I guess we have a lot of traditions to share in our friendship.

Finally, we had a good laugh with our Easter egg hunt.  One 20 month old Pip lead the charge as 8 month old Mo watched from his parents arms.  Pip was a determined hunter although we did have to direct her back on course when she’d get distracted by her treats in her basket.

What a wonderful day!  And happy the rain held off for our fun…this is Seattle in April after all!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!


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