My Life List

by Andrea on April 5, 2011

I had never given much thought to a formal life list, that is until I read Mighty Girl’s life list thanks to Making it Lovely. I was completely inspired to not only come up with my own top 100 items but to also make my friends start their life lists at our Annual Home Spa Day (more on that later).

I found that once I started going, ideas just kept coming to me.  Some ideas are quite grand – Take a trip that would make Travel + Leisure blush.  Others are quite feasible – Use balloons in my life. Some ideas are lifted and/or modified from Miss Mighty Girl herself – Eat 500 different types of fruit.

Since creating the list, I have found myself thinking about it on a weekly basis.  It has become a strong reminder to keep pushing myself to try new things.  I get quite giddy as I plot how I’m going to accomplish or at least start working towards many of these goals.  And really that’s the beauty behind writing down this list – I have it in front of me and can start working on things.  No, I’m not going to the Great Wall tomorrow, but I’ll throw it into the hopper when we plan our next international adventure.  Creating photo books for each major trip will take a long time, but I can start organizing my photos today.

As I make progress  on these goals and discover gems along the way, I’ll report back and keep you updated.

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