Shadow Puppet Theatre

by Andrea on April 19, 2011

My parents often tell me about making their own toys as kids as they grew up in Afurada in the 50s and 60s.  A whistle was made from an apricot pit.  A truck was made from an empty sardine can, cork, and string.  These stories coupled with my obsession of making making making, leads me to #63 on my life list: making handmade gifts for the kids in my life.  One of the most inspirational blogs on this topic is Made by Joel.  He had me at hello, or at least at first post.  Who wouldn’t want to be his kid, when you could play with this Modern Doll House?  Honestly, you wouldn’t even have to be a kid to appreciate the awesomeness of this house with its handmade furniture, rugs, and upholstery touches.

A little boy in my life just recently celebrated his birthday and as a gift, I put together his very own shadow puppet theatre.  (Yes, I know this doesn’t even compare with THE modern doll house, but I need to learn how to use power tools first – #4 on life list.)  Making the shadow puppet theatre is as simple as it sounds.  I cut out my characters (girl, boy, elephant, bird) and sets (house, tree) from construction paper and taped them to wide popsicle sticks.  Then I popped them in a bag with a new flashlight and tah-dah, the gift was complete!  I just love Made by Joel’s style and based the elephant and bird puppets off of his designs.  I tied the puppets all together by incorporating a similar starburst design on each puppet.

This is a fun gift for kids to play with on their own or with a friend, sister, dad, or grandparent.





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