Bits & Bobs We ♥: Baby Water Float

by Andrea on May 9, 2011

While the weather in Seattle is still, shall we say, Winter-y, we decided to hop over to warmer climates for a little vacation in Maui.  It was a solid 30 degrees warmer there, and I still haven’t warmed up since we came home.

The best part of trip was seeing Mo have so much fun in the water.

Wanting to spend a lot of time in the ocean and pool, we introduced Mo to swimming back when he was four months old.  We started going to a neighborhood pool with friends and then signed up for lessons with Emily and Pip.  Good news – he seemed to enjoy the water.

So we head off to Maui, and pretty much the first thing we did after dropping off our luggage was slather the Mo Man in sunscreen and put him in his swimsuit.  We ran to the beach, dipped him in the water and he screamed.  Hmmm… perhaps the ocean was too cold.  So we walked to the pool, dipped him in, and he screamed.  Hmmm… swimming lessons don’t seem to have worked.

The next day we gave it another go, with a well rested Mo on our hands, and it was bliss.  He loved it and loved both the ocean and pool for the rest of the trip.  One of the reasons and my bit and bob that I ♥ for the week, is the Swim Ways Baby Spring Float as pictured in the photo above.  We borrowed Pip’s float for the trip, and he was a superstar in it. It has two inflatable rings connected by a mesh ring.  In the middle is a mesh seat that the baby sits in.  We call it his little motorboat.  A nice bonus for travel is that it packs up really small in the case below.

The company recommends it for 9 – 24 months, but we started using it at the pool when Mo was only four months.  It works like a dream.





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