Blog Fav: DIY Garden Sensory Bin

by Emily on May 6, 2011

When we get closer to spring/summer, I turn into a huge sucker for anything that is garden/plant related.  I feel a magnetic pull anytime we stop at Lowe’s just to go through the nursery center on the way to plumbing (nearly opposite corners of the store).  We have planted our veggie garden and I am happy to say that Pip was relatively involved in it, although we have kept her occupied elsewhere in the yard in the last couple of weeks so she doesn’t pull/”weed” my vegetable starts.

I saw this post and fell in love!  I am a frequent reader of Modern Parents Messy Kids and just love the energy, creativity and layout of their site.  They have wonderful tutorials and examples of fun things to do with your families.  I know most of them are older kid projects but our Pip is quickly growing into an age that she can help and explore with creative crafts and activities.  I can’t wait!

There is a very detailed tutorial of how to make this sensory bin and I think that kids would have so much fun playing in it!  If the rain doesn’t stop here in Seattle we may have to create this!  Thank you for sharing Modern Parents Messy Kids, this is awesome!

images via Modern Parents Messy Kids

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