Blog Fav: Not Your Average Pulled Pork!

by Emily on May 13, 2011

I admit that when I read this post I had already eaten dinner…but I nearly exclaimed when I read the title of the recipe Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork”!  What more could I ask for and WHY was I somehow hungry again!!??  There’s nothing in that title that I don’t like! (I can’t stop exclaiming…seriously Emily stop using exclamation points!!)  Thank you 33 Shades of Green for re-posting this recipe originally from Pioneer Woman.  I like Dr. Pepper, I REALLY like spicy food….and I REALLY LIKE shredded pork.  When can I make this?  Definitely on the menu next week!

I love making shredded/pulled pork recipes especially in the crock pot when I can set it up before work and walk into the yummy smell when I get home.  I use my crock pot about 2-3 times per week during the winter months and pork is a frequent visitor.  Another great addition to this recipe is that there are several options for the final product- a tortilla, traditional bun, maybe topped on creamy polenta too.

photo via Pioneer Woman

photo via Pioneer Woman

photo via 33 shades of Green

I have to admit that I have a food crush on Pioneer Woman’s cooking tab.  I know she’s a pro at photography but anytime I stop by, I seriously want to start cooking immediately!  Does this recipe sound good to anyone else?

Happy Friday and happy cooking!


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