Cherished Artwork

by Emily on May 10, 2011

Our little Pip has been an active crayon scribbler for at least the past 9 months now and I am already dreaming up ways to foster her creativity and encourage her to play with paint, mud, clay, flowers, etc.  Pip likes to color in her Elmo coloring book but anytime I get some of my “homework” out, she’d much prefer to grade my papers with crayons.  Sadly, I’m not sure high school students would appreciate Crayola technique as I do.  If this doesn’t sound too tacky, I did put in a request for a Mother’s Day gift…I wanted Pip to start a “Mommy Book.”  The recent issue of Real Simple had a great article about the various journals filled with delightful drawings, poems, letter and doodles dedicated to Mom.  I too wanted to collect Pip’s evolution in this creative outlet, so I put in my request and was very pleased when my leather bound journal was delivered on Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful gift to start (thank you Daddy for the legwork to make it happen & putting up with my very specific request)!

Page one…Mother’s Day 2011! I am a very happy and proud mother!  You can almost see a bit of Monet and Picasso in her technique, right?

I also recently stumbled onto another “series” of how-to display/arrange/keep your kids artwork and magically found myself daydreaming into the future of Pip’s creations.  These were a few photos that impressed me with their simplicity.  Thank you (again) Modern Parents Messy Kids for fabulous ideas.

photo via Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

photo via Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Another suggestion-keep the important artwork and pass along early drafts-photographing them first.  Below you put photographed art collection into a book for keepsake. Brilliant with less clutter (my problem)!

photo via Create Celebrate Explore

Love the quote and again simple idea of hanging on the line approach.  Ikea has wire curtain hangers that would be perfect to install for artwork.

photo via Random Thoughts of a Supermom

I think this would be so much fun-wallpaper frames, but wonder if Pip would understand which walls are okay to color on and which aren’t.  Yikes!

photo via Land of Nod

And finally….WOW…not even sure how this is done but it looks amazing!  What a beautiful piece or art.  How do you narrow it down?  Each year?  Over the course of 5 years?  Medium used-crayola, finger paint, watercolor, pencil?  I am so impressed and it looks fantastic!

Cheers to art in your home!


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