Green Gem: Eucalyptus

by Andrea on May 25, 2011

Today’s post comes courtesy of the land down under.  Did you know that eucalyptus is native to Australia?  Luckily for us, eucalyptus was introduced to the rest of the world in the late 1700s.  Even luckier, while it’s not as prevalent as say a common favorite for some, lavender, it is getting easier to have eucalyptus in our homes.

Eucalyptus is the scent I turn to when I need a moment of collected clarity.  Ideally, I’d be off getting daily massages with eucalyptus oil infused into the room… along with warm river rocks, soft waterfall sounds, perhaps a glass of bubbly, all whilst contemplating how to make life more serene… but who has time for all of that? Back to the eucalyptus.

For s short (very short) stint, I tried to grow eucalyptus in my home thanks to a dear friend.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb, and this 2 foot tree was supposed to live outside.  So it quickly shriveled up, and we parted ways.  In lieu of having the real deal, I like to have some of these options on hand:

You can find the eucalyptus oil at Aveda, eucalyptus hand soap at Method Home, and the Tea Tree Tingle body wash at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s.

Let’s return to my eucalyptine infused fantasy.  Not only will I develop a green thumb, but I will be able to keep a little eucalyptus bonsai tree alive for years and years.

Swoon.  Wouldn’t she just look darling on a dresser, kitchen table, or window sill?

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