Green Gem: Evolv Tools

by Emily on May 18, 2011

Last year for my birthday my in-laws gave me a themed gift.  My MIL said it was all about tools for my life!  Not exactly understanding what this meant until I opened my gift, I was excited at the theme.  What I unwrapped has become one of the most vital tools of my life over the last year, the Evolv set by Craftsman.  We’re coming up on 1 year of home-ownership at our current residence and we have hammered, screwed, unscrewed, built and ripped out many things.

You can see from the picture, it’s every homeowner’s dream set. Just about anything that you could possibly need.  This is my green gem!  I really find this to be a useful and cute toolbox!  It’s a great combo of muted grey and chartreuse/lime green.   I know my MIL had the color in mind when she found this, and I adore it.  The only problem with this set is that I keep it too handy, and Sid grabs MY tools instead of searching for his own.  This has lead to several discussions about how one might put a tool back in its place after one might use it!

The Evolv Craftsman homeowner’s tool set can be found at Sears & Kmart for under $50.


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