Seattle’s Kid Music Scene-Caspar Babypants

by Emily on May 26, 2011

I think this subject could either make you wince or smile.  Children’s music….what do you think? Love it….love life without it?  Now I’m not the most wildly experimental with my children’s music library but one thing is for sure, you’ve got to add Caspar Babypants to your repertoire!  Caspar Babypants is a genius.  Caspar is the stage name of Chris Ballew, lead singer and guitarist of The Presidents of the United States of America, a Seattle-based alternative band from the 90’s.  His children’s music is charming, funny and really catchy!

With three great albums out, Caspar spends many a day playing free shows around the Seattle area dazzling the little ones and their parents alike!  Monday, Pip and I attended our first concert and you could hear the squeals from the kids before we even walked into the venue.  What a treat!  Our dear friends gave us a Caspar CD when Pip was born and we’ve been rockin’ out ever since!  Not only does Pip tap her toe, snap her fingers and do a little head bob, but I will admit to listening to the CD in the car when I’m all alone-singing aloud!

(Pip so enthusiastic about her first Caspar concert! I promise she had a good time! Overwhelmed with the amount of people though!)

Pop on over to Caspar Babypants website and you’ll find music to stream, videos to watch, the show listings and some great stories to read.

A couple of my favorite celebrity quotes:

“Caspar Babypants is one of the few children’s recording artists I can listen to without wanting to stab myself in the eyes.” – Weird Al Yankovic

“Caspar Babypants is awesome! To me, the true test of good children’s movie, music or stage performance is if the adults enjoy it too and these records have that in spades.  My one and four year olds love them. These records are must haves for any family.” – Joel McHale, actor commedian & tv host

The lyrics are truly hilarious for parents and the kids just like that they sound funny!  Pip’s current favorite is “Run Baby Run,” while I favor “Poor Dust Bunnies” … next to the heat vent, stuck there for days, they have a problem, they don’t have any way to move, you know its not funny, its sad when you think about all the poor dust bunnies… some one just fired up the vacuum clean, they huddle underneath the door jam together…”

Rock on with your little one!

images via Caspar Babypants

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