The Royal Meal

by Emily on May 5, 2011

In honor of Will & Kate’s nuptials, we hosted the April family dinner in British style.  Not to mention the Queen and I share a birthday too!  So, April was a busy month for royal affairs!  When Sid and I moved to London we didn’t hear much good to say about the British cuisine but to be honest I really didn’t mind it.  Not everything is bangers & mash or mushy peas!  In fact, I think I had a more diverse palette eating around London than I do here in Seattle!  But, to keep with our theme and because the dinner happened to fall  on a Sunday, we tried to replicate the main course as a traditional Sunday Roast meal would take place with families we know back in ol’ Blighty!

Since we’re trying to set a theme for our remodeled basement with British accent, I dug out photos that we had taken along with some square pictures that Andrea & I found at Target.  I felt my table decor was a bit boring so I tried to jazz things up with name tags with British stickers and a little remote controlled mini cooper that we had around the house.  We started our food fanfare with wensleydale cheese with cranberries, which hails from Northern Yorkshire, England all whilst sipping on British beers.  Fortunately our local QFC had quite a selection to choose from.

Our side dishes included mashed potatoes and bacon and egg pies.  Both brilliant!

Using the Williams Sonoma London cookbook as my guide, we made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding as the main dish with horseradish cream on the side.

Then to top it off, our third family made a divine English trifle AND English toffee!  Sadly we ate both faster than the photo clicker could snap a shot!  This seems to be a trend with me writing about desserts!



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