Bits & Bobs We ♥: Converse Shoes

by Emily on June 27, 2011

I just returned from a lovely City Escape to Victoria, British Columbia.  We had a great time just wandering aimlessly through the very walkable city filled with history, a port bustling with character and a balance with modern design.  I stumbled upon a great store called Baggins which has been a Victoria landmark since 1969.  Today Baggins is known for having one of the worlds largest collections of Converse shoes.

As you can see, Baggins has just about every color imaginable of the classic Chuck shoes.  I am a big fan of Converse shoes and have been through at least five pairs from elementary school until now, with a brief hiatus when Doc Martens ruled the world.  But, I went back to wearing Chucks when I found a great selection while living in London.

In addition to the classic shoes, I found a table filled with a newer version (at least I’d never seen this style before now) of the classic design with a very thin sole.  Might be hard to tell from this picture but the sole was so slender and almost reminded me of the old school Keds.  Laces or not, Baggins has them!

Now….my favorite part of the store had to be the children’s section!  I’m a sucker for shoes anyways so I could barely contain myself in seeing these cute itty-bitty Converse!  Top one…Nemo…Pip’s favorite character thus far in her nearly 2 years of life!

A great selection of Dr. Seuss styles too!

Converse shoes literally stacked from floor to ceiling!  Oh what fun!  I just wished that they had the Nemo shoes in a children’s size 8! Darn!

I highly recommend popping over to Victoria…..or the Baggins website to cruise through the selection.  They ship worldwide!  Hope you enjoyed my Bits & Bobs that I ♥!

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