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by Emily on June 24, 2011

Well…I can’t pretend to be a wee, small part of the blog world without tipping my hat to one of my personal favorites Ms. Design Mom.  After saying that, I can’t decide if I’m more inspired or scared at the moment.  My blog fav of the week is your favorite and mine the Blair family photos.  W-O-W.  Firstly, they are an insanely beautiful family and secondly, they live in an insanely magnificent home and they’ve now just come up with the most beautiful family photos ever.

At first glance you might just think this is a magazine advertisement or catalog for beautiful people or clothing but no, this is the talented, inspiring and fun-loving Blair clan.  Feeling ready to go out and get family photos of your own?  Well, yes……and not quite yet!

Andrea and I both have an upcoming family photo shoot planned and we’re struggling…..and I’m not just over-reacting.  We have trolled through various photography websites to get ideas of what to wear, hoping to be inspired but have virtually nothing.  Tonight, over a lovely margarita, I told her that I think I’d like to be in blue.  I know bold move right?  I’ve got to get a little more prepared that just blue.  But, I do have Pip’s outfit planned.  Thanks to a lovely short-sleeved yellow sweater with giant orange flower button that my MIL made, I have planned what she’ll wear down to the shoes.  But this is a family photo and Sid and I have to attend too!

Do the clothes need to match your surroundings or other way around?  Andrea will be shot in the park, while I will be in a city scene.  What does that mean?  Are one of us supposed to be in jeans because of the environment that we’re in?  Tough questions on our brain right now.  Solving world problems will happen after July 16th!  You might be wondering what’s the fuss and that’s okay.  I probably would be wondering that too but we’ve got a date with a famous photographer only in Seattle for a couple of days.  (we sound like rock stars right?)  None other than Blue Lily Photography will be in SEATTLE on her world tour!

Please just reassure me that neither of us will be caught here… (seriously this book/blog cracks me up)!

Thank you Design Mom for getting me inspired to figure out what to wear and to plan a shopping date with Andrea.  I’m hoping that Blue Lily can stage us in a not-so-awkward pose as this….but from her work, both our families might just clean up nice!  Stay tuned…shopping happens next!

images via Design Mom &

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