Blog Fav: Sweets

by Andrea on June 17, 2011

I love being tickled by online finds.  A few years back I became slightly addicted to and ridiculously silly over Daily Puppy.  Just clicking over this morning made me squeal, as it usually does.

My latest find is We Sing Your Tweets.  And that’s exactly what they do.  Kevyn and Jeremy are in a band together, but during a recording break thought it would be funny to write a song with 140 characters.  That led to writing music to 140 characters (aka tweets) by other people.  So they work to create ‘sweets’, tweets they sing.  Here’s a sweet from yesterday.

They call it a social music experiment.  I call it funny.

Happy Weekend!

PS – Evening Magazine did a news story on me this week, and my rise to fame in blogland. (Me: 2 min, 19 sec).  They do happen to talk about this other blogger, mamakatslosinit, for a bit, but you know.  (Seriously though, Mama Kat is pretty fun, and this was a great little piece on why some people blog.)

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