Drop and Give Me 10…

by Andrea on June 7, 2011

Wowee!  We attended our first blog conference this past weekend and learned so much!  This conference, Bloggy Bootcamp in Seattle, was quite the introduction to the world of blog conferences.  We are newbies to this world, yet felt quite welcomed.  We were surrounded by a range of women who had been at this as long as eight years (ancient in blog time) to some who had just started six weeks ago.  And the variety of topics covered on these blogs were as diverse as they were inspirational!

Top takeaways from the conference, some blogging related, some not:
1. ‘Don’t plan to be viral.  Plan to be awesome.’  Quote shared by Jenny
2. DeNae Handy is hi-larious, and she inspired Andrea to take voice lessons
3. Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average American home
4. Google Adwords is a great resource for finding the best keywords
5. Mirassou is the oldest family winery in the US; we have them to thank for bringing pinot noir to the US!
6. Each post should be thought of as a pitch, and each post headline is the key to an awesome pitch
7. Tweeting seems quite time consuming, yet so many bloggers made it appear effortless
8. Instagram is a photo social media site like Pinterest.  We ♥ Pinterest, so Instagram is sure to be winning
9. Marlynn suggested getting out of chaos through delegation.  Basically, we need interns.
10. We need to learn how to be stat savvy.  (Admin intern, can you hear us?)

In addition to what we learned above, we were surrounded by really awesome ladies.  We’d especially like to give a big ole shoutout to Crafter Extraordinaire Kalen, Photographer and e-Book Author Kimberly, Holistic Healer Amy, and Creative Debbie.

Finally, thank you, merci, obrigada, danke, and gracias to Tiffany and Francesca for hosting this great conference!  It was a perfect experience for us first timers, but from what we hear, seasoned bloggers also loved it!  They still have three more locations for this year… Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta… hint hint…

This photo is of us winding down at the closing reception.  This will be one of the few times you will ever see Em in pink.  Thank you Kimberly for this photo!

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