Green Gem: Cerignola Olives

by Andrea on June 22, 2011

The best thing about going to a fancy grocery store is that they will more than likely have an olive bar.  I am drawn to them because you can pick up any combination of the various types of olives, in whatever quantity that suits your fancy.  A few years back, my SIL told me how olive bars gross her out.  Unlike the lettuce or mushrooms at the neighboring salad bar, she worried that the olives don’t get changed out frequently.  I’m not really sure if her thinking has any merit, so I chose to believe that the fancy grocery store knows what it is doing… and I merrily go about drooling over the olives.

If this does not bother you (or had never even entered your brain, as it hadn’t for me), I invite you to check out these little pieces of heaven:

The Cerignola olives are just divine.  They also come in black.  While they have the same consistency as the green ones, they have significantly less flavor. The green ones (swoon) are perfectly meaty, bursting with flavor, and are hefty in size.  Each one is approximately 1.5 inches long.

Brian thinks I’m a little nutso, but one of my favorites treats is to pick up 4 – 6 of these at the store and enjoy them as a little snack.  It really doesn’t take many.  For this small little delightful snack, you will spend the same amount of money as you would on a crappy candy bar.  Olives vs. crappy candy bar?  ¡¡Olives!!

image via the delicious life

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