Green Gem: SPU Yard & Food Waste

by Emily on June 29, 2011

Ok, I know what you’re thinking after having read the title, seriously?  Well I have to say that we LOVE our yard & food waste service in our neighborhood!  Today my green gem is the Seattle Public Utilities Yard & Food Waste program and the joys it brings to our little family.

I am an avid composter to begin with, so much in fact that when Seattle starting adding food waste to their accepted list for the yard bin, Andrea sent me a special email message to London (where we were currently living) to entice me to move home to Seattle!  So I do love the fact that I can collect all our food scraps and put them in the bin instead of filling up space in my garbage bin. In case you didn’t know what can go in your lovely green bin outside your door, you can not only put your yard waste and grass clippings but also food-soiled paper (yes even greasy pizza boxes),  food scraps like fruit & veg, grains, pasta, coffee grounds + filters, tea bags, meat, fish & chicken, shells & bones and dairy products.  I got my first compost bin in London and actually hauled the compost (mostly tea bags) from work home with me to compost in our garden–dedicated right?  My colleagues thought I was truly the crazy American but we went through a lot of teabags that were just going in the garbage!

What I didn’t know was how much Pip also enjoys this green bin.  No, she’s hasn’t learned how to sort food waste at this early age, but Thursday is her favorite morning around our house!  She’s got some good ears and when she hears the truck, she goes a runnin’ to the front window!  Take a look!

Does your community have a brilliant yard + food waste system?  We just love the guy that takes the time to stop a wave out our front window all whilst taking away my lovely compost!  We’ll bring him out cookies or treats if we have them to keep those waves coming.  Talk about SPU Employee of the Year….and our Green Gem of the week!

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