The Making of an Apricot Whistle

by Andrea on June 28, 2011

If you are looking to entertain a 7 – 10 year old this Summer, and you have these lovelies hanging around:

Teach them how to make a whistle out of an apricot seed.

Growing up, I spent every other summer in Portugal visiting my relatives, relearning proper Portuguese, eating, and spending lots of time outside.  One Summer when I was about 8 years old, my uncle, Tio Acacio, taught me how to make apricot whistles.  They are so easy and cool that I still make them as an adult on nice sunny days.

You start with an apricot seed:

Then you rub it on a piece of concrete (driveway, patio, sidewalk).  Make sure you hold your fingers high on the seed so that you don’t grate your knuckles.

You keep going (it took me just a few minutes; it will take kids a lot longer which is great to help keep them busy)… as I was saying, you keep rubbing until you have an oval shaped hole in the seed:

Inside, you’ll find a soft meaty substance.  Take a toothpick, and start picking at it.  If you or your child has OCD proclivities like yours truly, this step will also keep them well occupied.  After all, you want to get it all out!

Once all of the inside meat is removed and your seed is hollow (eek – spell check let me get away with hallow.  no miracle apricots here)… back to the story… once your seed is hollow, you have your apricot whistle!  Ta-dah!  Just blow over the top of the hole like you would a bottle, and a lovely little whistling sound is made.

I currently only have a ten-month old little boy, but I would imagine that when the kids are a bit older and are a tad bored in the summer… or perhaps looking for an activity while camping or at Grandma’s… this will be a good, very cheap activity to keep them entertained.  May I be so bold as to guarantee you 30 minutes of busyness?  Enjoy!

ps – this furthers #63 on my life list

top image via PastryPal, all other images are mine… including my grubby fingers

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