Bits & Bobs We ♥: G. E.

by Andrea on July 18, 2011

G. E.: We bring great things to life.

That is what Eddie Vedder told the crowd on Saturday that they would name their duet if Glen Hansard and Ed decided to start doing gigs together.

I had the extreme pleasure of attending Eddie’s two solo shows in Seattle this weekend.  Amazing. Let’s call him my ‘bit’ for the sake of this post.  The man did not disappoint.  His month-long tour of the States featured his new ukulele songs.  He went on to share many more delights including Pearl Jam treasures, covers of Cat Stevens and Neil Young, and a song from 1915.  Over the course of both nights, I cried five times.  I was pleased as punch that he played Unthought Known on both nights, the little ditty that features gems and rhinestones.

Now onto my ‘bob’ for this post.  GLEN HANSARD.  I am in love.  Glen was Ed’s opener for the month-long tour.  He is not only funny as all get out, but he opens his mouth and he is incredibly powerful.  On both nights, he joined Ed several times to add his little flavor crystals to the evening’s wonder.  For those of you familiar with Glen’s 2006 film called ‘Once’, you definitely know his song Falling Slowly.  At the concert, Ed sang Marketa’s part, and their voices were absolutely dreamy together.  If only they’d release a duet of Falling Slowly on iTunes (pretty please).

SOOO, if G.E. ever goes on tour, go go go go go.

Here’s the concert poster from the first night.  I just love the play on Seattle’s Pike Place Market:

image via me and Mo’s toys

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