Bits & Bobs We ♥: Ginger Souffle

by Andrea on July 4, 2011

As I was scrapping out the bottom of my Ginger Souffle pot this weekend, it occurred to me that I was completely out of one of my favorite things.  Boo!  If you have never tried Ginger Souffle, run, don’t walk, to the nearest Origins counter.

Now you may think that a lotion that calls itself a whipped body creme, might be exaggerating a little.  I can tell you that it really feels like whipped cream for your body.

I first discovered this lotion in 2008, when Emily and I somehow convinced the hubbies that the two of us should meet in Miami (she was in London at the time) for a week of beach and sun. One day filled with hurricane-like tendencies, we found ourselves at a shopping mall.  She was going in for a quick visit with a former student.  Nine hours later (who spends that much time in a mall?  It was like a casino without windows designed to make you lose track of time.  Turns out it was really stormy all day, so we didn’t feel too guilty.)… so nine hours later, we emerged with what seemed like an abundance of Origins and Aveda products.

Of all of our finds that day, the all time favorite was the Ginger Souffle.  Typically, I like lotions that have either no scent or a very light scent.  Additionally, I like them to go on lightly so that they don’t feel greasy or remind you that you are wearing lotion.  I can say that this is my favorite lotion, and it goes against the two criteria that I want in lotions.  And yet, it’s for those reasons that I love this delicious pot of luxurious whipped body cream.

The smell is citrusy, refreshing, and comforting.  And the heaviness of the lotion makes it feel like it’s really moisturizing my dry Pacific Northwest skin.  It’s a bit pricier than my usual price range, but it’s worth every penny!

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