Bits & Bobs We ♥: SP&R Wading Pools

by Emily on July 11, 2011

Yep, that’s right, you’ve read that correctly! We have started wading in Seattle which means the sun has been out!  We’ve had a great week and been checking in with fun outdoor activities around the city planning our summer break.  After driving past the Greenlake wading pool yesterday full of kids enjoying themselves with splashes, shrieks and sun, we decided to take Pip to see if she would enjoy it just as much.

Success!  Thanks to Seattle Parks & Recreation for opening, monitoring and maintaining this pool.  I will admit when we first drove up all that I could think about was germs and dirty water.  Then, when we approached we noticed NO ONE in the pool.  This could mean a couple of things…you can imagine what went through my head.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find that all kids were out so the lifeguard/staff lady could chlorinate the pool.  They are in accordance with state law and they fill, chlorinate, supervise and empty each pool every day.

You can download additional information about all the FREE wading pools around the city at the Seattle P&R site, including the addresses to the 16 wading pools, 10 water spray areas, 9 lifeguarded beaches & 2 outdoor swimming pools!  Yeah Seattle!

I was also happy to read the City’s conservation efforts and how they encourage families to use the public pools instead of filling their own individual pools or running sprinklers each day.  You can see from the below photo that the water isn’t deep.  The City does this intentionally, filling them half-full on most days to save 50% of the water, but on the busiest days they fill the pools to the top.

A few things to remember before embarking on your local adventure (the rules):

  1. No “Bare Buns”
  2. No food, drink, glass, alcohol or drugs
  3. No spots (communicable diseases are not allowed)
  4. No Fidos or other pets
  5. No bikes, skateboards or scooters
  6. No running & no water fights

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some free, outdoor summer fun in your area!

info via Seattle Parks & Recreation

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