Blog Fav: DiY Subway Art

by Emily on July 22, 2011

Maybe I’m living under a rock but didn’t really know what subway art was until recently.  Sure, I knew subway tile, subways in general, subway graffiti, subway people but subway art…is that a type of poster?  When I first saw House of Smith’s family gallery wall with subway art, I thought it was so cool!  I loved the colors of the pictures and that the subway art represented all the places that they had lived together.  (Sadly I did wonder if I could even fit all of our addresses on one piece or art since we were 1 year lease moving junkies for a long time!)

BUT…..getting back to my blog fav of the week I Am Momma Hear Me Roar had an awesome post about DiY subway art for under $7!  Now that’s my kind of Blog Love!

I Am Momma uses PicNik for her photo editing and includes a full tutorial on her site here.   I like the simplicity of putting this together too- pick your words, arrange in photo program, print, glue, rough up!  I think I’d like to give this a try…summer project maybe (my list keeps increasing).  And you can’t beat that price!

Seems the blog land has been hit by subway art lately.  Wiki doesn’t officially have a definition for it but I gather that jamming a bunch of words together in a poster/wall hanging is subway art!  Does someone have a better definition?

Thanks I Am Momma for a great tutorial!  You should definitely check out her awesome playroom & superhero room!  AMAZING!

image via I Am Momma


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