Blog Fav: Terrific Thrift Store Transformation

by Andrea on July 15, 2011

Maybe it’s just my local Goodwill, or perhaps Seattlelites don’t like to donate cool pieces of furniture, but Censational Girl’s thrift store finds never cease to amaze me.  Of course she never stops there.  With a little bit of magic and elbow grease, she takes her interesting finds and makes them unbelievable.

Exhibit A:  This is her after photo after she applied her magic and elbow grease.

Exhibit B: This is how she bought it.  Seriously.

I won’t give up.  Someday I’ll find something really cool at a local thrift store.  Now if only I could convince CG to let me play with all of her DiY supplies?!  Eeee.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know where to begin!

Happy Weekend!

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