Camping with an Infant

by Andrea on July 26, 2011

We did it!  This weekend we went camping with Mo and had a great time.  We had done a trial run in the backyard which boosted our confidence, so we gathered up our stuff and headed to Eastern Washington.

Looking back on our adventure, there were four things that made it a smooth experience.  The first one was our travel high chair.  You just hook this baby onto the table, and you have a place to put the wee one.  This came in handy for mealtime so that Mo could eat, play, and bounce to his heart’s content.

The second item was a travel infant bed my coworker gave us; it packs down to nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, Mo can crawl right out of the bed with minimal effort.  In fact, for the beginning part of the sleep routine, there was a lot of in, out, in, out.  Hey, eventually he’d wear himself out, right?  But once he was asleep, he rolled around in there and even moved from one end to the other in his sleep, but he stayed put.  See how relaxed he looks during his afternoon nap?

There were quite a few bugs, not terrible, but enough to be concerned.  I did some informal polling of my friends, and we ended up picking Herbal Armor at Whole Foods.  We actually went there looking for the Burt’s Bees natural repellant, but the title Herbal Armor sounded more convincing.  I kid you not – we picked it based on the name, and not the ingredients, recommendations, etc.  Regardless, it was awesome!  Mo came away without a single bite, and all we used was natural goodness.

The last magical tool in my arsenal was a fun dad.  I highly recommend packing one of these with you for your camping adventures.  Dad took him splashing in the river, hiking up the trails, and fishing for trout.  Some of this even happened while Mom was extending her morning sleepy time.  Needless to say, Mo was highly entertained.

All in all, we had a great time and look forward to our next camping trip!

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