Green Gem: Frog Pod

by Emily on July 27, 2011

Anyone else perplexed at how the bath toys multiply?  It started with a few cute ducks, now everything that holds water (even for a brief period of time) has become a bath toy! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to watch Pip in the tub.  She loves the water and I’m so happy that she does.  What I am also so happy about is that I can gain some control to the endless float-ies that fill every inch of water space with my green gem of the week: Frog Pod!


Thank you Boon for coming up with a clever, cute and gorgeous green tub wall hanging!  We love that you can grab that handle and pull the basket off to fish out the toys in one giant scoop and all the water will drain out to dry all of Pip’s goodies.

We are a one bathroom family and I know some people might not want to share their shower space with a children’s toy but there’s something about this one that just makes me smile each time I set foot in the bathtub for my daily rituals.  I smile because I have alone (mostly alone) time to shower, I smile because Pip loves her frog and all the toys in it and I smile because the toys are back where they belong (do I sound like a control freak?)!

By the way, Boon as some pretty genius products.  They are so darn clever!

image via Boon

Happy bathing!

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