Green Gem: Paper Suitcases

by Andrea on July 20, 2011

As Mo was yanking my green paper suitcase off of our bookshelf, I realized that it most certainly is one of my green gems.  I’ve had my paper suitcase for a few years and have used it in my bedroom for storage.  Recently, in the process of trying to stylizing our bookshelf a bit more, I added the suitcase to our travel books section:

I just love it.  It’s a lime green with orange stitching and an orange plastic handle.  It’s that very handle that is way too tempting for the little Mo man.

One source for these suitcases is via one of my favorite bloggers, Making it Lovely.  In her store, Pink Loves Brown, she has quite an assortment of these in a variety of colors.  Here is my current fav:

Yummers – apple green with eggplant stitching and handle. Love.  Pink Loves Brown is currently closed for Making It Lovely’s maternity leave, but she’s getting it ready again so we shouldn’t have to wait too long.  In the meantime, you can buy them at the Land of Nod.  They do unfortunately require you to buy an entire set.

In addition to a bookshelf or bedroom, I think these are great for a desk, office, kid’s bedroom, or even a store display.  They are just so darn cute!

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