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by Emily on July 28, 2011

Did you know there are 127 different neighborhood names of Seattle that fill the 35 neighborhood districts?  No, me neither.  Each neighborhood has its own reputation, like any other city.  We happen to live in Maple Leaf which sometimes is grouped into the Northgate district or that better explained by saying the area just north of the U-District that hovers around Roosevelt Avenue.

When Sid and I first moved in together 10 years ago, we happened to have a teeny tiny apartment in Maple Leaf…and here we are again just 9 leases/purchases later (not including any squatting time).

We have really enjoyed our brief time of home ownership in Maple Leaf and have really enjoyed getting to know our neighbors.  Maple Leaf residents thus far seem to be very loyal to their area complete with bumper stickers that read “Maple Leaf 4 Life”.  Like several neighborhoods of Seattle, they are represented in their awesome blog Maple Leaf Life which details all the comings/goings of activity.  They are proud of their neighborhood and seemingly very active in the Greater Seattle community based organizations and making sure their voice is represented.

Last night Maple Leaf shined with its 16th annual “Maple Leaf Social”!  What a treat for the neighborhood and I’m not just talking about the free ice cream!  Residents filled the sidelined Reservoir park to see other local businesses represented, chat with their neighbors, let the kids run free at the playground, listen/dance to music, wait in the long lines to see the 3 most popular attractions : fire truck, clown making balloon animals and yes, free ice cream!

We just happened to stumble upon this event last year and when it came up on the calendar for 2011, we wanted to attend again to see and hear about the changes to the neighborhood.  There were new businesses highlighted with tables and one of the most exciting stands, center stage was the Seattle Parks & Recreation/Maple Leaf Community booth showing the finals stages of design for the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

You can see why everyone is so excited!  Sports fields, children’s dedicated play areas, picnic shelters, viewing towers, paved walkways, the list goes on.  All to be completed next year!  It can’t come quick enough for us…we’re thrilled with the updates and for the community.

This social is such a fun way to highlight all the great things that are so close to us.  We really appreciated going last year for our first time to learn about the area and this year it seemed to have grown.  Look at all the fun they brought to us:

  • Frozen custard courtesy Peak’s Frozen Custard and ice cream sponsored by Maple Leaf Ace
  • Marimba music from Tumbuka
  • Music Center of the Northwest will have a small fiddle group composed of children who will play during Tumbuka’s 7:30 p.m. break
  • There will be one face painter and two balloonists
  • Seattle Electric Vehicle Association will have up to three electric cars to show off
  • There will be greyhound dogs for adoption from
  • UW Experimental College will have the class catalog with current offerings
  • Plus the list of nearly 42 other local businesses, non-profits, education, religious and city/county organizations!

Well done Maple Leaf…we look forward to the social of 2012!  Maybe it will take place in the new park??!!

Do you live in a neighborhood that does a social event like this?  Oh…and I can I say Peak’s Frozen Custard is very good!

Seattle image via Ork Posters, park schematic via The Berger Partnership

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