Painting our Kitchen Table

by Andrea on July 21, 2011

I made a big ole uh-oh this past week.  I put hot steamy dishes on our wood table without thinking twice.  Here’s what it looks like now (see top left corner, so sad):

This table was purchased when Brian and I first moved in together six years ago. It was a budget table for our budget apartment.  It’s solid wood, nice shape, nothing fancy, and really inexpensive.  While I’d like to go out and buy a new one, that option is not in the cards right now.

Next best option?  I’ll DiY a new look.  Given all of the characteristics stated above, I have no problem, what so ever, taking a can of paint to it.  The only question now is how do I paint it?

One solid color everywhere:

Stencil pattern on the top:

Our family names or some meaningful saying:

Chevron or stripes pattern:

Chalk tops seem to be popular, but I think the dust would bug me:

How about a glossy white table:

Oooo, even better, glossy white top and color legs:

What would you do?

all images via Pinterest, where else?

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