Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

by Emily on July 14, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I got a real bee in my bonnet about upholstering our dining room chairs in time for the big tutu baby shower!  With a new ceiling and paint, I wanted to clean up the chairs too.  Our set is a hand me down from my parents that they bought in 1970 as an antique piece, so they are really old now.  When my mom said she was thinking of donating them, a bit of nostalgia hit and I said that I wanted it.  Turns out to be a perfect fit for our home!

My mom came down to help me wrestle with the staple gun and wrangle Pip in the backyard while we worked.  An extra set of hands for this project is always helpful so that you can get a tight hold on the fabric.  We started with a floral print that my mom put on at least 5 years ago.  Sadly the cushion in the seat was totally flat so we also needed new foam.

After having upholstered our last dining room set a couple of times, we found the easiest way to start your pattern is just to pull off the old fabric and use it as a template giving a bit of an allowance around all sides.  Only need a few tools for this project: staple gun, flat head screw driver, pliers, sharpie, scissors.

We traced the old fabric along all of the foam, which we had to buy in a long roll in order to have enough for 6 chairs.  I was a little surprised at how expensive foam is but I reminded myself my tush would be happy when we end up sitting around the table for hours with friends!

Once the foam was all cut out, then we cut fabric squares.  At this point our hands seemed to be full and I didn’t have any pictures of the stapling process.  We start with the sides first and staple opposites sides alternatively, then once that is done you work on the corners.  With the corners, you have to be patient (a hard thing for me) and fold, tuck and staple pretty quickly.  The corners easily take double the time of everything else it seems.  The wood on these chairs was so tough that it was quiet a challenge to actually get some of the staples to stay in.

In the end though, we were very happy with the new look!

All done in under 3 hours time…shopping took much longer than actual production!

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