Tutu Baby Shower & Milk Glass LOVE

by Emily on July 5, 2011

We’ve had a very busy weekend around Seattle!  We started the weekend out with a lovely baby shower in honor or Baby O and her glowing mother, Momma O!  We had a theme (as we always do) and called this the Pink Tutu Baby Shower!

We started with our invitations to the ladies….in little pink tutu’s with the details on the backside.

Then Andrea started to get really excited about Tulle Poofs!  We hung them from the front windows….

And the mirror over mantel…

Then she made mini poofs for the bookshelf!  SO SO SO cute!  Need a reminder on how to make these?  Click here!

Then we started to talk about food.  Andrea wanted to have pink macrons and I wanted to try to make cake pops.  Then we started thinking, why don’t we do a little dessert bar of pink & white foods!  Now most ladies probably won’t go too crazy on all the choices so we provided little to-go bags so they could nibble all the way home.  How did we find so many pink/white desserts?  Well I’ll recap the spread for you:  pink cake pops, pink macrons, strawberry Whoppers, Good & Plenty, Sour Watermelon, Animal Cookies, pink Sixlets, white Powered Donuts & strawberry Pocky!  Fun right?  Too sweet?? Well, maybe but isn’t it fun to look at!

We realized after we went crazy on the desserts that we should probably provide “real” food for the ladies in attendance too.  So we had various salads, cheese & crackers and fruit skewers!  All yummy!  But have you noticed the adorable little labels for the food that Andrea whipped up too?  So cute!

We’re not big on games for the shower so we decided upon stations!  We had a “name the baby” station and a “girly advice” station and then lead an activity on tutu making!  We had 5 elastic bands sewn in the round in 5 different sizes, then paired up the ladies to make these adorable tutus in various colors with various ribbons!  They turned out adorable and I think the ladies appreciated doing something besides starting a pool on when Momma O will deliver!

Making the tutus is SO easy.  You cut a strip on tulle, fold in half, then put the ends through the loop with the elastic band in the middle.  This is a shot of the newborn tutu!  Grandma and SIL put this one together and tied bows all the way around.  We really hope that Baby O wears this home from the hospital!

Andrea also whipped together this centerpiece…tutu flower arrangement with pretty pink carnations, ribbon and yes, more tulle!

In the planning process, we decided that we only wanted to use white dishes if possible.  I asked my MIL if we could borrow for some of her white dishes and wound up falling in love with white milk glass.  There are various patterns (nobby, diagonal diamonds, grapes, etc) but they are just beautiful.  I think I’ll keep my eye out because I love how they look on my bookcase.  I know this would be a great addition to my decor!  We both fell in love…in fact Andrea went right home and started searching it out on Pinterest here!  It is just so clean-looking, simple but holds such a statement.  I’m in love! You can see we used the milk glass everywhere we could.

We had a great time with all aspects of this baby shower, from the planning stages and the shrieks that we made when we decided the theme was pink tutu’s to the pink food prep!  We hope Momma O had a lovely time too!  And who would have guessed that I don’t own (for myself) a single pink item yet my home was covered in it on Saturday.  I think I actually started to find pink as a cute color.  Wow….bold statement for me.

Now the countdown for the arrival of Baby O!  We are so very excited for their growing family of soon to be FOUR!  What a lovely day.




PS-Hope you all had a great 4th of July!  We celebrated together with pool time, sprinklers, create-your-own-burgers and grilled strawberry shortcake!

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