Tutu Flower Centerpiece

by Andrea on July 12, 2011

A few weeks ago, it seemed like tutus were all that I had on my mind.  I kept trying to think of fun ways to incorporate tutus into the decorations for our baby shower.  At one point, I decided that I could try and make a tutu flower centerpiece.  We wanted flowers anyway, why not make it look like a tutu?

Here’s my tutorial on how to make one of these yourself.  You start with a rectangular block of floral foam, one bunch of carnations, ribbon, tulle, and pins:

Then you take the flower foam and cut it into your desired shape.  I decided to cut mine in half lengthwise, so that I ended up with two thinner rectangles.   Then you cut them so that the two pieces together look like a skirt.  Finally, soak them in water according to the directions, in order to prep them for the flowers:

You then use two bamboo skewers to keep the two pieces of the skirt together. Trim each skewer so that none of it shows.  My mom suggested that I add a tulle ruffle along the bottom.  I loved the idea, and I give her all of the credit.  After all, we were using a LOT of tulle at this baby shower, and this was a fun way to incorporate it into the centerpiece.  Take your tulle and create little pleats.  Use a pin to hold each pleat in place.  These pins will later be covered up by the flowers:

Next, cut the carnations so that they only have a 1/2 inch stem and start putting them in the foam. Be sure to keep them close enough so that none of the foam shows through the flowers:

I made sure to add flowers to the sides of tutu so that foam did not show through, regardless of angle.  For the bottom side that was under the tulle, I added white ribbon to conceal the foam.  Finally, add a ribbon sash around the flower arrangement, and your centerpiece is complete!

Volià!  A pretty little centerpiece, for a sweet party.

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