Bits & Bobs We ♥: Jadeite

by Andrea on August 15, 2011


I didn’t know this word until yesterday when my cousin texted to tell me there’s an article about it in the recent Martha magazine.  Jadeite?  This is what I’ve been calling green milk glass; nopes, I was wrong.

My recent fascination with milk glass began about a month or so ago when we were getting ready for the tutu baby shower.  Em’s MIL generously offered to loan us her collection.  I couldn’t stop staring at it.

I’m the person who doesn’t believe in collecting anything and wants to purge my way to happiness.  Yet, I can’t stop myself from popping into thrift stores to see if I can score a new piece for my growing collection of milk glass lovelies.  Additionally, I’ve spent a fair amount of time pinning to my heart’s content.  When I came across a particularly dreamy green cake stand I pinned it to my milk glass board.  I stand corrected and will now likely spend an obscene amount of time pinning to my brand spanking new Jadeite board.

I’m so particular about what kind of green I like… similar to Em’s post about her kitchen paint.  It can’t be too seafoamy, too kelley, too minty… but wait!  Jadeite would typically fall into the too minty category, yet I can’t get enough.  I was recently struck at how much minty green appealed to me when reading this lark + linen post.  Check it out – the images are gorgeous!  You know, I think I’m turning a new leaf in my old age.

If the photos above are making you drool a little bit, learn more about Jadeite via Martha (not the same article in this month’s issue).

images via svpply, etsy, and Jadeite Kate

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