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by Andrea on August 1, 2011

Somehow July slipped away from me, BUT I finally got around to reading the latest issue of the online magazine, Lonny Magazine.  What a great – huge – issue!

I love Lonny for two key reasons.  (1) It’s full of images that get me thinking about my home in a creative light.  To be honest, I rarely, if every, see a room in Lonny that makes me want to move right in.  Yet, thanks to their creative juxtaposition of pieces, materials, and concepts, I get puh-len-ty of inspiration on how to mix things up in my life.  (2) It is interactive.  Well lookey here, you see something you like?  Just click on it (literally, you click on the specific couch, lamp, rug, or book), and it links to the source, a blog, or the original inspiration.  For example, I saw the following page in this current issue:

I liked how everything came together, but shockingly, I really liked that bench.  I clicked on it, and I was scurried away to the website where I could buy that delicious fabric known as Lovely Lattice JungleHandy, non?

Further into the magazine, I came across this image:

That wallpaper is a photo of beach grass.  The designer wanted to create the feeling of walking over the sand dunes to get to ocean.  Brilliant.  Typically, I would not be into this sort of thing fearing that I would get bored with it way too quickly.  But I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this page.  It got me thinking of the places I have visited and the ones that I would enjoy to have as a constant companion.  I would more than likely have a hard time using photo wallpaper in my living room, but wouldn’t it be great in a small bathroom or office?  Now we’re talking.  The beach grass wallpaper is sold at Jarlath Mellet.  But in this day and age you don’t have to limit yourself, you are welcome to go ahead and create your own.

Lonny is just one of the several free online magazines I read.  I love sitting back with a cup a coffee while a certain someone is sleeping and escaping into page upon page of non-stop inspiration.

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