Blog Fav: Sailing the Greek Islands

by Andrea on August 12, 2011

My favorite blog post of the week goes to Oh Happy Day! Some days I wonder if Jordan is living my life.  You know, the life that I fantasize about where my cute family lives spitting distance from the Tour d’Eiffel, my little boys wear darling striped shirts, and I’m so creative that I have ideas coming out of my nose.

This week, I wondered it yet again.  The reason? Jordan recently went sailing the Greek Islands with friends. (Yes, #28.)  The pictures she posted this week are perfectly lovely.

Here are some photos from Mykonos that she posted last week from the same trip.

Jordan, thanks for sharing such great photos!  I think I’m going to spend a fair chunk of this weekend plotting how I am going to make #28 a reality.  A little goal setting never hurt anyone.

Happy weekend!

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