Creating Your Own Canvas Print, 2.0

by Andrea on August 4, 2011

You may remember my first attempt at transferring a photo to a canvas.  After some trial, a bit of error, and a complete change of methodology,  I ended up with this:

I decided to give BHG’s Do It Yourself magazine’s directions another go.  This time instead of printing regular transparency paper on a laser printer, I tracked down transparency paper made especially for inkjet printers. Unfortunately, this stuff is not cheap.  The smallest box of it at one of the major office supply stores runs $40-50.  Given my lack of luck with this project the first time around, I didn’t want to invest that kind of money.  BUT, I stumbled upon the fact that our local university bookstore sells them by the sheet!  Woot!  I picked up two sheets for under three bucks and gave it another go.

This time I started with a smaller canvas (8 in x 10 in) which only required one sheet of transparency paper.  I still used the gel medium to do the transfer, per the directions.

I coated the canvas with the gel medium.  Then I placed the transparency on the canvas and rubbed vigorously with a spoon to transfer the image.

And voila:

Sigh.  Still not what I had in mind or what the magazine led me to believe I could expect.   The good news is that it skipped the very labor intensive step of removing the paper pulp.  This project has so much potential, and I could see myself using this technique for so many projects.  Now, if only I could get it to work.

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