Do You Have Apple Envy?

by Andrea on August 9, 2011

Being a Washingtonian, it is easy to love apples.  Given their importance in our state’s economy, apple pride is probably written into state law.  Every so often, I discover a new apple and get incredibly excited.

Case in point, I recently spied this beauty at my local grocery store:

I had never heard of Envy apples from New Zealand, so I had to pick one up.  It did not disappoint.  It was quite crisp, sweet, and juicy. These lovely ladies even have their own website featuring their story, recipes, and photo gallery.  It seems a bit strange that an apple, of all things, would have a PR campaign, but stranger things have happened.  One of the fun facts from this website is that while this particular beauty is from New Zealand, where they also originated, Envy apples are now grown in Washington as well.  (And my chest swells with pride.)

Thanks to discovering and enjoying this apple, I’m one fruit closer to my goal of trying 500 fruits!  I’m at 105 fruits to date.

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