Fence Project on the Horizon

by Emily on August 2, 2011

The inevitable is approaching.  We wanted to put up a fence around our yard last summer but came up with enough other projects to delay.  But this year/summer we have to get working on it!  Lil’ Pip escaped twice last week from our dumpy old gate while I was packing my purse to go, so a gate with a functioning lock is necessary!  I couldn’t believe that stinker….and boy did my heart drop when I saw the gate ajar in about 2 seconds time.  In the meantime, my BIL put a hook latch to prevent further escapees!

I’ve been wandering my neighborhood and found 2 fences that I adore.  I like just about everything about them except for height.  I don’t mean to sound like I want a complete barricade around the house but there are a couple of areas that I’d like more privacy.  The (aforementioned) dumpy gate is one of them!  We’ve talked in circles about what we’d like the fence, arbor, gate to look like but I just want to be sure we’re making a good decision so here are some of my picture thoughts:

This is one of our neighbors.  I like the design and style, you can still see through it but with plants it provides privacy.  I also like the stain.  I met the owner of this fence and he said he and his buddy designed it on a bar napkin much too late one night.  Darn…they probably don’t still have that blueprint!

This is just beautiful. I love the color of the wood, I love the clean lines, I love the spacing and I love the double gate.  Absolutely beautiful! Well done Peter A. Kirsch-Korff!  But….I don’t know if I want horizontal planks.

Maybe just too simple but I do like the stained color on it.  I hope that we can do something to maintain the red-ish color of the cedar.  Nice work Seattle Fences.

This is a fun design with the spacing to allow light in.  Fence via Pinterest.

A bit too formal looking for me but I do like the idea of growing plants up the post.  I’ve had my eye on some evergreen clematis that would be nice.  I have 2 wisteria waiting to be planted as well.  Oh the options!  image via API

Fun! My friend Linda should have this!  Okay..I’m getting sidetracked! image via Pinterest

Okay…now we’re tying it together….fence, gate & arbor!  I likey!  Too much see-through for the dumpy replace!

Doesn’t this arbor just say walk into my garden?  Wow via Pinterest

Too much of a barricade but I do like the simple arbor!  I think this arbor is what I had envisioned…don’t like the rounded gate either.  image via Fun Idea Design

Anyone have a great design suggestion or advice to give on fencing, post hole digging or keeping your men-folk on task to complete the job (food, beer, right?)?

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