Fence Reveal

by Emily on August 25, 2011

We are so close to being done with our “little” project but I think we might have worn ourselves out because we haven’t wanted to even talk about the final decision for days!  But, here we have it, our step by step documentation of the fence/gate/arbor rebuild.

We tore down the old wall and staked out where the new fence will go.  We hired the crew to dig our post holes…oh wait that’s just Pip trying to lift the dirt out.

Wee into the night, with the use of spotlights and headlamps, the concrete was mixed and poured into concrete rounds to hold the posts.  We chose to use the concrete rounds to conserve the concrete and to elevate the height of the fence to match our future patio.


This was one of the first steps the next day when Sid attached the top rail brace by toe-nailing them into the post.

Ahh….the top brace is in!

Next step was to screw the vertical slats into the header piece.

There we have our pattern going!  Exciting!

Oh wait…how did that go so fast?  You can tell how eager I was to photograph in the beginning and then it was just repetitive until- Voila!  Vertical slats in!

While we had the brut strength of my two dear BIL’s, they decided to focus on the arbor with the extra hands before the gate.  The lower two arbor rails running horizontally will remain bolted into the post whereas the top horizontal beam will be taken down briefly so that we can make a decorative cut on the end of each side to give it a bit more character.  That is our final decision we still have to make; will it be a diagonal cut, a bit more fancy, etc?  So…stay tuned for that pretty cut!

Another shot looking north.

Ahh…gate in and a mighty fine job if I do say so myself!

Here’s the view from inside our patio…just enough privacy so that you can’t really see the cars driving by on the street.


Thanks for watching/listening/reading the progression of our little fence! No onto the other 3 sides of our house!  At least maybe it will go quickly since we’ve done this now!

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