First Birthday Party – Rainbow Style

by Andrea on August 31, 2011

My little Mo Man turned one, and to celebrate, we threw him a rainbow birthday party.  I couldn’t resist all of those bright cheery colors for his Summer birthday.  And really, the craft ideas were endless, which kept this crafty mama pretty entertained!

First, I popped these little invitations in the mail to our dear family and friends.  I designed them myself with just a touch of rainbow:

Next came prepping for the decorations.  If I could have only finished one project, it was going to be the collection of kid sized wooden chairs.  As I mentioned here, these were inspired by Design Mom’s rocking chairs.  I started collecting them at Goodwill and a few coats of primer and spray paint later, I had this little collection:

Next, I used the leftover spray paint to add some color to a collection of Goodwill frames.  I knew I wanted to display his monthly photo series, and when I thought of this little project, I was pretty darn pleased with myself.  The party was held in Avozinha’s backyard (his Portuguese Grandma), and she was kind enough to let us put some nails into the side of her house.  Here were the finished frames:

Then I wanted to add a lot of color inexpensively.  I decided on a collection of paper rosettes and paper flower ornaments.  I saw the punched paper rosette idea at my local Paper Zone.  The paper flower ornaments (SO easy and SO fast) were thanks to How About Orange.  Brian strung them together throughout the backyard and a few inside my mom’s house:

In the photo above, you can see the balloon rainbow tied to the fence.  Some additional ideas to add pops of color included a simple fleece blanket that took me less than two hours to sew, rainbow flowers, IKEA kid dishware, and paper curls:

There was quite a selection of nibblies on the table that were tied together with a free to make paint chip runner.  I got the idea from this lovely lady.  In addition to the rissois, some of the rainbow food offerings included fruit skewers, veggie plate, jello, and birthday cake:

All in all, my little Mo was in fine form in his ONE shirt.  He loved playing with his friends and cousins, walking up a storm, and attempting to blow bubbles.  He didn’t care for his birthday cake, but he loved having Happy Birthday sung to him in both English and Portuguese.  He was thrilled!

Finally, Mo thanked his little party goers with rainbow crayons:

Here are some tutorials on the different rainbow projects: embroidery shirt and birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Mo!  I know you won’t remember this, but I sure had a lot of fun putting this together for you!

many of the images via my talented SIL


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